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Birthday parties

Hair services for group events (girl scouts, play groups, twin groups, friends, etc.)

Hair services for special occasions (father-daughter dances, first communions, proms, weddings, etc.)

Among the many "firsts" of childhood, getting that first haircut is one for the whole family. We welcome siblings, parents, and grandparents to be part of this special event. At Kids-N-Teens we take a child's first haircut as seriously as you do.

  • Discuss it ahead of time as a fun, exciting experience
  • Bring your child's favorite movie or toy
  • Schedule the appointment between meal/naptime, so your child is not tired or hungry
  • Let your child watch you get a haircut first
  • Don't overstimulate your child
  • Bring someone to take pictures in case your child wants to sit in your lap

To commemorate the occasion, we'll save a lock of hair and attach it to your child's first haircut certificate.