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In the last few months, we’ve all had to navigate unprecedented challenges that we never imagined we’d be facing. Your understanding, flexibility and loyalty have filled me with immense gratitude. Gratitude for your understanding to adapt to changes that we all had to make in order to keep ourselves and our communities safe. For your flexibility in embracing your new look after receiving a haircut at home from one of your family members that got willingly brave and creative to keep up with the grooming standards during the 3 months of lockdown for hair salons and barber shops. For your loyalty in keeping in touch and sharing your best and worst family moments during the pandemic. To ensure the health of our big family of clients and mine as staff, I have planned a number of safety measures to be implemented as soon as we reopen and meet again.

Our SAFE REOPENING PLAN is in compliance with COVID-19 guidance and regulations issued by CDPH, CAL/OSHA, CDC and BBC (Board of Barbering and Cosmetology) regarding specific worksite plan, staff training, individual control measures and screening, cleaning and disinfecting protocols (EPA- approved List N disinfectants), and physical distancing guidelines.

REQUIRED FOR ENTRY: •All individuals entering our salon will be required to self-screen at home (including temperature and/or symptoms check) before leaving their home. •Touchless Infrared Forehead Thermometers will be used to measure the body temperature of each individual before entry. •All individuals will be monitored for symptoms (fever,cough,,shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headaches, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell). •All individuals exhibiting any of these symptoms will be asked to remain home, isolate and seek medical advice. •All individuals will be questioned about their contact and travel history. •Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before coming in. •Use hand sanitizer as soon as you enter the salon (hand sanitizer will be available at entry, reception desk, seating area, workstations). •Wear a face covering with earloops to ensure the face covering does not interfere with the hair service.

PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING: -by keeping 6ft. away from one another, -by being punctual to your appointment to allow us to continue our regular routine of staggering appointments which ensure adequate time for proper cleaning, sanitation and disinfection between each customer visit, -by avoiding handshakes, hugs, or similar greetings that do not respect physical distance. •Come to the salon with hair freshly cleaned and detangled in order to minimize the time of close contact (within 6ft. for 15 minutes or more) that increases the risk of infection.

CLEANING AND DISINFECTING PLAN: •We have completed all items of the “Returning to Work Checklist for Establishments” prior to reopening and ongoing safety considerations.

CROWD CONTROL: •We will have only one family at any one time continuing our tradition of respecting each client privacy-this will ensure the social distance and will allow us proper cleaning and disinfection between clients. •There will be a sign placed on the front entrance asking the customers to wait outside until they are invited in. •No walk-ins (sign placed on the front entrance).

COMMUNICATION AND MARKETING: •We have loaded this plan onto our website and Facebook pages. •An email or text will be sent to our customers letting them know opening details. •We have placed a copy of this plan on the front entrance along with all documentation required.


Much love and big hugs to you all,

Daniela Brotoiu, Owner